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Experienced and qualified teachers on site

Singapore's three-year training for 10 years, 99% acceptance rate

Reasonable and affordable fees

Targeted training for each grade

Exclusive course plan

Special guidance before the exam

Get your admission to San Yu Adventist School in only 12hours!

Preparatory Course

99% Success Rate

Local Advantage

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In an environment where Singapore’s education degree is so tight, it’s not easy to get a place, and it’s easy to get through our 12-hour training course.

We have 10 years of experience and are familiar with the model of the three-education entrance examination. Through our successful application to enter the three-educational primary school, we have nearly 100% success rate. Now we have prepared everything, you only need to sign up!

As the first institution to study in Singapore, we have a group of experienced international industry elites who are familiar with Singapore's educational style and enrollment content for colleges and universities. It is more precise and is committed to providing our clients with higher quality study abroad services.

Regardless of your intention, which school in Singapore, San Yu is definitely a school worth considering.

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