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92% of the parents worries about their child's AEIS results

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Being nervous about the outcome of the AEIS examination is totally normal, after all it is decisive for your child’s future.

At Ei Study, we do care for your child’s future as well, and we are committed to get the best education for our students.

AEIS in a few numbers

≃ 50 000 students take the AEIS

≃ 15% pass the test

≃ 42 500 students don't get an admission into a local institution

What we can do for you

▻ Pre AEIS

The student passes an assessment test to evaluate his academic level



The test is carefully reviewed in order to analyze the student's weaknesses and strength


A personal timetable is set to increase the student's skills in an efficient way


The student starts his training with our experienced teachers who are familiar with the AEIS

Interested in our AEIS Preparatory Course? It's never too early to start getting prepared, contact us to register and claim your FREE assessment test.

▻ Post AEIS

In the event where our student doesn't score enough to get an offer from a local school, there are two options that opens to the student:

Get prepared with us for the S-AEIS (Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students ) held in February/March


Get admission in an International or Private institution. The student will go through the school's curriculum with our teachers and get prepared for the entrance test / interview.

Would you like more information or have any enquiries about the Preparatory Courses?
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Start getting prepared for the


Exercise for


Students​ NOW!

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